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Copyright Industry's Abusive Relationship
Number 54
Broadcast Date December 6, 2011
Episode Length 1:14:08
Hosts Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood
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HBO shatters cord cutter's dreams, Verizon planning Netflix competitor, Dr. Who debate for the ages, and more.



Opening Video


The Big Story

HBO says GTFO to cord cutters! 1

Another Big Story

Time Warner’s Bewkes says, "Netflix is our friend". 1

Yet Another Big Story

Netflix CEO compares company to Bank of America and Oakland A’s. 1


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Film Falm

  • Lovefilm kills Flash for movie streaming, switches to Silverlight. 1 2
  • Moffatt says no Doctor Who film yet ... but if there was one, it'd be British. 1
  • Unseen Empire Strikes Back Storyboards Detailing the Battle of Hoth! 1

Winter Movie Draft

  • (1) Brian - $329,356,289
  • (2) Tom - $248,073,698
  • (3) Justin - $193,563,931
  • (4) Glenn - $135,308,381
  • (5) Sarah - $38,657,814


Visit audiblepodcast.com/dragonframe to try out their service with a free audio book.

Tube Tops

  • Fanhattan adds popular new services. 1
  • BBC brings global iPlayer iPad app to Canada, one step closer to the US. 1
  • Forget smart TV, is ‘dumb TV’ the next big thing? 1
  • The Walking Dead is named the highest-rated cable drama. 1
  • Xbox Live dashboard update. 1
  • Breaking Bad happened in real life. 1

What We're Watching


  • Frosty The Snowman and Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer stop-motion animation movies
  • Modern Family
  • Larry Crowne
  • Suburgatory
  • Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking
  • Spaced


  • Downton Abbey
  • Neverland


  • Swiss gov't study: downloading leads to sales, so we're keeping it legal. 1
  • YouTube redesigns around “channels” strategy. 1
  • How to boost web video traffic: lose a CBS News deal. 1


  • Derrick Chen writes in describing how online marketing is reaching cpms (and in some instances exceeding) of live television.
  • Rob Maxwell asks for an aggregating service to group all of the options for consuming his media.

Great Quotes

Fun Facts



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